Soi Cowboy

Another famous Thai locale…Soi Cowboy.   It played a role in the movie Hangover II.   It’s amazing how many famous spots there are in this amazing town.

These guys in orange vests are motorcycle taxi dudes.  They ride folks around carving paths through traffic as if it wasn’t there.  It’s an amazing thing to see.

171008_5087-800-650One of the many food carts and clubs on Soi Cowboy.

171008_5096-800-650Another food cart.  I had the Nikon on its “auto ISO” setting, which basically means it runs the ISO up as high as it thinks it needs to be to get a good shot.  Some of these photos were at ISO 12,800.

171008_5102-800-650Bikes lined up near Soi Cowboy last night…

171008_5104-800-650More good food…

171008_5105-800-650And finally, a look down Asoke (that’s the street name) from a pedestrian overpass last night.,,

171008_5135-800-650So that’s it for tonight.   Watch for scenes from the floating market tomorrow, folks!

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