So, what do you think?



No, it’s not a triple…but that muffler is pretty cool!

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Gladiator stuff…

First, a photo from an email my buddy Marty sent to me…


and then, the gladiator video…

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A cool Saturday…

Well, maybe not cool in the literal sense (it’s over 90 degrees here today), but it certainly is cool in the figurative sense.   Good times with good buddies, classic bikes and modern bikes, great meals, and I’m getting ready for the next CSC Baja run.   Saturdays just don’t get too much better than this (although next Saturday I’ll be in Baja on my TT250, and that will be even more fun).

Susie and I had dinner with my good buddy Mike last night at a great Italian restaurant in Claremont, and then Mike and I met for breakfast this morning.  You’ll remember Mike from last weekend.   He and I went to the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention last weekend, and he flies home tomorrow.   Mike is taking a hard look at the RX3-P, and he likes the bike so much he may buy one for his personal use…



Mike is thinking about riding our planned RX3 cross-country trip with us next summer.  That would be great.

Hey, hey about another Mike story?   I saw my good buddy Dr. Mike (yep, I know a lot of Mikes), and he’s riding with us on the Baja trip next week.   Like many of our customers, Mike owns several bikes.  Dr. Mike also rides a Honda Shadow 1100, and he had it in the shop today for a bit of Gerry’s magic…


When we stopped at the CSC plant this morning, I was blown away by the prices Steve has on several of the HJC helmets we sell.   I’m talking under a hundred bucks here, folks, and for an HJC, that’s a hell of a deal.  The prices were so low I asked Steve if someone had made a mistake in marking them, and it looks like they did.  But he’s going to keep the prices as is.  I ride with an HJC helmet, and I can tell you the prices we have on these now are lower than what I paid for mine with my CSC discount.   We’ve got several colors.  I’m so intrigued by all of this I may buy another one just so I’ll have the bright fluorescent orange color.  I like the looks of that helmet.

After visiting the plant, I met the guys I hang with locally for lunch and then we rolled over to Bob’s BMW dealership in Pomona.   Cool stuff.    My good buddy Marty, who is 80 years young this year, just picked up a K1300S BMW roadburner…


161022_6059-650I like looking at the Beemers.   They’re too rich and too heavy for my tastes, but the older ones are most definitely cool and the newer ones are, too.   Bob owns several classic BMWs, including this R60 that caught my eye…


Black is a color that just looks right on a motorcycle whether they are classic bikes or modern ones.   Check out Eddie’s new GS1200, for example.   It looks awesome in black…


That black really looks good on an ADV bike.    And we have a dark windshield option for our RX3, just like you see on that $25K BMW above.   Come to think of it, I rode a black RX3 on the Colombia adventure, it had a dark-tint windshield, and it was awesome…

Black looks good on the RX3, and it is time to start thinking about the 2017 model year colors.   Hmmmm….

Hey, one more photo, and this one is of my good buddy Joseph today…


Joseph is the guy who got me hooked up with CSC all those years ago.   It was good seeing him again today.

If you follow the industry, you know there’s a lot going on out there.  New models are popping up and it looks like a healthy dose of “right-sizing” is all the rage.   BMW is introducing a 310cc bike next year, and Bob told me there’s going to be a GS (read that as ADV) version.   And just a couple of days ago, Suzuki announced in China that they are introducing a 250cc ADV bike (with a quick glance at the early photos, you’d almost think the Suzuki was an RX3).   Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess, and that’s cool.   Smaller bikes are where it’s at in my opinion and in the opinion of many who actually travel great distances across international borders on motorcycles.   If you want to know more about that, read a blog I did a couple of years ago on this very topic:   Why a 250?   It’s one of my favorite posts.

That’s about it for now, folks.  I’ve been going nuts on Amazon ordering exactly what I want for setting up my cell phone and my GoPro on my TT250, and the last of the goodies arrived this morning.  I’ll be working on and riding my TT250 tomorrow.   Baja, my friends.  On our TT250 motorcycles.   It’s coming up and it’s going to be fun.   Stay with us on the blog to follow our adventures, or better yet, buy yourself a CSC motorcycle and ride Mexico with us on the next one!

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TT250 49T Sprocket Installation

I have our new 49T sprocket on my TT250, and it makes a huge difference in how the bike performs.   The 49T sprocket really helps the bike for street riding.  I think that with the 17T front sprocket the 49T rear sprocket is ideal.  I haven’t tried a 48T, a 47T, or really anything else other than the 49T, so I can’t comment on them.

In case you were wondering, here’s what the gear ratios look like with the various sprocket combos…


The stock TT250 setup is the 17T/50T combo.  It’s okay, but I felt it was slightly undergeared for street use.   What that means to me is that the engine was fully wound out in top gear and it felt like it could have pulled a bit more top end with a slightly taller gear ratio.

We went with the 49T because it would provide a taller gear ratio and it was available.   None of our sources had the 48T or 47T sprocket available.  If you can’t buy them, you can’t test them.  The bike might pull the 48T or perhaps even the 47T (and when I say “pull,” I mean the engine will wind all the way out).  You can keep gearing a bike taller, but at some point the engine can’t get high enough in the RPM range to overcome aerodynamic drag, and you can actually lose top end by gearing the bike taller.   My Z06 Corvette is like that; you have to drop down to 5th gear (from 6th) to attain the car’s top speed of 173 mph (or so I’ve been told).

Anyway, I like the 17T/49T combo.   You may feel differently, but it’s what I found works.  Another reason I like it is that we didn’t have to mess with the chain with this combo.   The stock chain length works.

So, with all of the above out of the way, let me take a few minutes to walk you through the 49T sprocket installation process.   I’ll first refer you to our TT250 maintenance tutorial on rear wheel removal.   It will show you how to remove the TT250’s rear wheel, which you’ll need to do to install the new rear sprocket.

Once the rear wheel is removed, remove the large Circlip on the wheel hub…


We’ve had people ask about Circlip on the hub with the new sprocket.   Hey, that Circlip doesn’t do anything once the bike is assembled…it’s just along for the ride.  It has no operational function.  As nearly as we can guess, it’s an assembly aid when the motorcycle is manufactured.   Leave it off.   Like my friends in New Jersey say, fuhhgeddaboutit.

Remove the four bolts securing the old sprocket.   They have lockwashers underneath; hang on to them.

Next, place two washers over each hole in the hub (a silver one and a black one).   We put the dark one next to the hub and the silver one on top…


This is how the washers should look under the sprocket…


Now put the sprocket on top of the hub, with the dished side out (i.e., facing away from the hub)…


Put a dab of blue Loctite on each of the four bolts, install a lockwasher underneath the bolt head, and tighten the bolts to 35 lb-ft.


And that’s about it.  Reinstall the rear wheel in accordance with our previously-published maintenance tutorial, and you’ll be on your way.

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A cool old BMW…

We get some interesting motorcycles in for maintenance, and with Gerry’s BMW background, a lot of them tend to Beemers.    Check this one out…


It’s actually an R50 (that’s the 500cc boxer twin), but this one has the R69S 600cc engine and Gerry told me it’s a real hot rod.   I love the looks of these old bikes, and that sidecar!  Wow!

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Willie’s TT250 Spotlights…

My good buddy Willie added our single spotlights to his TT250 in preparation for the upcoming Baja run, and they sure look good.   This is a great way to mount the spots on a TT250…



You can see the spotlights on our website here, and you can give us a call at 909 445 0900 to find out what’s involved in mounting them on your TT250.   Remember that our unique Off/A1/A2 right handlebar switchgear makes controlling these a snap!

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We’re in the very early planning stages of a cross-country ride this summer on our RX3 motorcycles. We’re going to start in California and end up somewhere on the East Coast (most likely in New Jersey, my home state).  Yep, the plan is to roll from coast to coast, with stops and mini-rallies at selected spots and on favorite roads where our fans want to see us!


We’ve had numerous requests to do a coast-to-coast US ride after folks have read about our Baja rides, the 5000-mile Western  America Adventure Ride, the Colombian adventure tour, and our ride across China this summer.  The idea is that RX3 owners can ride with us for as little or as long as they like.  We won’t be the first to do it (others have already ridden their RX3s across the US), but it will be a first for me and the idea here is to ride with as many of our RX3 friends as possible.

Do you have an idea for a get together or a favorite road in your area? Let us know, and if possible, we’ll factor it into our plans.

We’re looking forward to seeing you this summer!

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The IACP Convention

I had a great day yesterday.   My good buddy Mike was in San Diego for the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention, and I was his deputy for a day.   Yep, Mike made me an official Assistant to the Director for one day only.   I may even be getting a gun out of the deal, but more on that later.  And don’t ask…my deal expired last night and I can’t fix any speeding tickets for you.

The convention was very interesting….it was more or less like a trade show, but the attendees were all senior police agency executives (hence the name), including none other than the Director of the FBI, James Comey.    The show itself had very interesting stuff on display, including police vehicles of all sorts, helicopters, drones, all kinds of police equipment (including at least half a dozen firearms exhibits), clothing, and much more.  I guess if I was surprised by anything, it was how many software companies had exhibits.   The police buy a lot of management and crime statistics programs.

The vehicles were interesting.  Here’s my good buddy Mike checking out a Dodge Challenger police car…


There were probably a half dozen helicopters on display.  This one goes for about $5,000,000.


A body armor exhibit…


A very cool drone.  The guys had one of these on the China trip.  This one had an infrared camera showing its image in the screen beneath the drone.  That’s me in the lower left…


Harley, Zero, BMW, Kawasaki, and Polaris had police motorcycles on display.  They were all enormous, including the Zero.   This is the BMW.  It goes for about $24,500.  Check out the switchgear…


Yours truly with a Harley…these start at about $17,000.


Mike got a shot of me on the Harley.   I couldn’t believe how heavy it was.  I used to own a couple of Harleys.   I put a lot of miles on those bikes, but when I sat on this one yesterday, it felt ridiculously heavy.  I didn’t think they were that heavy when I rode my Harleys, but I sure feel that way now.


Facial recognition software, showing Mike and me…


SIG, Smith and Wesson, Glock, HK, and CZ had exhibits.   I was particularly interested in the CZ exhibit.   They had real rifles (you know, with actual walnut stocks).  The rifle at the top of the CZ rack (in the photo below) is chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum, and it is truly a show gun.  It doesn’t show up in the photo, but this particular rifle had an exhibition-grade walnut stock (which kind of makes sense when you think about it…we were, after all, at a show).  I talked to the CZ guy and he told me this IACP show is the last one at which the current group of display guns will be on display.   One thing led to another in our conversation, and to make a long story short, I’m going to purchase that rifle.   I am excited.


The cockpit of a Kawasaki Concours police motorcycle.   Lots of buttons and switches.


After dinner, the Chiefs were having a reception on the USS Midway in San Diego.   That was way cool…


Mike on the flight deck of USS Midway at night, checking in with the people back east…


San Diego’s skyline in the background…


The Nikon D3300 was wringing everything it could out of its low-light capabilities.   That’s an F-4 and an F-14 on the flight deck.


James Comey is in there somewhere.  The reception was sponsored by the FBI’s National Academy.   The chiefs owned the USS Midway last night.


Another cool night shot…


…and another…


Free drinks, free dinner, and all on the USS Midway.   I might say it doesn’t get any better than this, but then I realized in about 10 days I’m going for a motorcycle ride in Baja.  The fish tacos last night were good.  The ones in Baja will be better.


And folks, that was about it.  Fun times.  Good friends.   Good photo ops.

Stay tuned.  As always, there’s more good stuff coming your way on the CSC blog.

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Colombia videos…

Wow!  Jorge’s video showed up on Facebook this morning, and it turns out the one I saw was only one in a series of great adventures!  Enjoy, my friends…

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A day in the sun…


Wow, what a day!  We had a sample of nearly every CSC motorcycle on our Glendora Ridge Road ride today…a couple of RX3s piloted by Mike and Byron, a CSC 250 Mustang with Duane on board, and a couple of TT250s with Lieutenant Dan and yours truly.    The weather was perfect and we sure had a good time.

The boys stopping for coffee at Camp Williams. From left to right, it's

The boys stopping for coffee at Camp Williams. From left to right, it’s Dan, Byron, Mike, and Duane.

After talking motorcycles for a bit, it was back on the East Fork Road to the northeastern end of Glendora Mountain Road.  There were lots of motorcyclists enjoying the road today.   I wanted to get more video today, but my GoPro battery gave up the ghost.  Ah, that’s how it goes sometimes.  I’ll find replacements and order them tonight on Amazon.

We still grabbed some video, though….good buddy Duane came through with his helmet-mounted video cam!   Duane gave his files to me and I was able to put together a video.   Duane was riding at the back of the pack…you can see Byron, Dan, Mike, and me in front.

It sure was nice out there, and when we rode to the top of the mountain (where Glendora Mountain Road and Glendora Ridge Road intersect), we stopped for photos…

That's Dan with his TT250...I'm showing off a bit with Photoshop here!

That’s Dan with his TT250…I’m showing off a bit with Photoshop here!

More Photoshop magic on Glendora Ridge Road!

More Photoshop magic on Glendora Ridge Road!

Good buddy Mike, who is riding with us to Baja in a couple of weeks

Good buddy Mike, who is riding with us to Baja in a couple of weeks

Duane and his CSC Mustang

Duane and his CSC Mustang

After looking at all of the photos I shot today, I realized I didn’t get a feature shot of Byron like I did of the other guys.   My apologies, Byron, but you know what that means…it’s a good reason to join us on the next ride!

Today was a nice day, wrapped up with a great lunch at the Mt. Baldy Lodge.   Good times, good roads, good friends, and good motorcycles!  I sure enjoyed it.

Just 12 more days and we’re Baja bound, folks!

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