Ruben on the road…

Our good buddy Ruben picked up his white RX3 last week and immediately commenced a four corners trot around the US!



Somewhere in the middle of his four corners adventure, Ruben is headed back to LA in time to ride with us on the Baja Run.   This man is a serious roadburner!

Ruben has a blog on his adventures and you can follow it here.

If you have a blog or a photo and you’d like us to mention it here, just drop us a line and we’ll do so!

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Springing into action…

Folks, we have a problem with the springs on our accessory centerstands.    We’ve had reports of several breaking, and our advice is this:

  • Remove the centerstand if it is already on your bike.
  • Do not install the centerstand if you purchased one but have not yet installed it.

We’re sourcing a new spring and we’ll be providing a replacement as soon as we get them.     We’ll keep you posted right here.

We apologize for this, and we’re working to fix the problem as quickly as we can.

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Out and about on the RX3…

As the title says, that’s what I’m doing today.   I stopped at the Planes of Fame Museum this morning in Chino and grabbed a few shots…







I’m going out on the bike again later.   This is fun!

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She’s mine!

Up at 3:30 a.m. today to make a 5:10 flight out of British Columbia, a hop to Vancouver, the long stretch down to LA (flew right over a snow-capped Mt. Saint Helens), back to CSC headquarters, and folks, she’s all mine!   What could be better than putting the first 50 miles on a new RX3 on Glendora Ridge Road?   Putting the first 50 miles on my new RX3 on Glendora Ridge Road…that’s what!

And here she is…



If you click on the photos, they’ll get bigger.   Go ahead…click on each one…the photos are awesome, and so is the bike!

Folks, my bike is awesome.   I’ll put some serious miles on the new Cyclone tomorrow, but let me give you my first impressions:

  • The bike feels faster than the three test mules we’ve been riding.   I was keeping it below 5,000 rpm riding along Glendora Ridge Road, but it definitely has more grunt on the bottom end.
  • The pipe sounds better than the test mules.   It’s throatier.  It sounds great.
  • The orange is way more orange than our orange test bike.   You can see it in the above photos.   I wondered why Zongshen called the bike orange (our test bike is more of a yellow than an orange), but the new ones are definitely orange.  I like it.   A lot.
  • The speedometer optimism has been cut in half.   It’s still a bit optimistic, but it’s a lot closer to reality now.
  • The 17-inch rear wheel doesn’t change the height of the bike at all.   The handling is crisper with the 17-inch rear wheel than with the 15-inch rear wheel.   I thought both bikes (the 15-inch and the 17-inch rear wheel) rode about the same, but I’ve changed my opinion.   The 17-inch rear wheel makes the bike more responsive.   I’ll make a confession…when all you guys on the Internet were asking for the 17-inch rear wheel, I couldn’t see why you thought it was a good idea.   You were right and I was wrong.   The 17-inch wheel is a significant improvement.

So that’s it for now.   Tomorrow…I’m in the wind!

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Alex on the road!

Alex is yet another new RX3 rider, and it looks like he is planning some serious travel!



Alex, you are going to have some grand adventures on your awesome pearlescent white RX3!   Send us some photos when you get a chance!

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Tony’s new blue RX3!

Here’s a great photo of our good buddy Tony from Nevada picking up his beautiful blue RX3!


That blue sure looks good, Tony…and so does that Ford truck!  Ride safe and enjoy your new RX3!

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Fernando’s RX3!

Quite a weekend, folks…the RX3 motorcycles are rolling out to their new owners.


Check out this photo Steve grabbed of Fernando…


And when Fernando got home, he sent me a note…

Joe, I am happier than a pig in mud!!!! Can’t wait to take this bike EVERYWHERE!!!

Oh yeah, the stickers and fork guards are gone now, I love even more the way it looks and now I know mine is the fastest!


You have a great looking motorcycle, Fernando!  Thanks for the email and enjoy your new RX3!

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The BajaBound link…

The proper link to use for BajaBound motorcycle insurance, folks, is this one…

This will get you directly where you need to be to buy your insurance for our Mexico trip.   I’m buying mine this weekend, as soon as I get home from Canada.

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A note from Juddy…

Looks like our good buddy Juddy, who’s riding with us to Baja, is having a  lot of fun with his new RX3.   Here’s a note I received a few minutes ago…


Having fun so far!  I figured I’d start “training” for Baja right away!

See you soon.




Those are awesome photos, Juddy. Like you, I am looking forward to heading south of the border!

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Baja…Day Two

Day Two will take us from El Rosario to Santa Rosalia, and it will be our second relatively high mileage day (it’s 365 miles from El Rosario to Santa Rosalia).  Day One and Day Two are the two highest mileage days we’ll do on our Baja adventure, and they’ll take us to our turnaround city of Santa Rosalia.

Baja-Day-TwoAfter breakfast at Mama Espinoza’s, we’ll roll through town and cross the Rio El Rosario.   There’s not much to the town, but the bridge across the river is really something (actually, the riverbed is a dry wide gulley in which I’ve never seen water).   The bridge is long and straight as an arrow, and after we cross it, we’ll enter the Vizcaino Desert.

Awesome is a word I use a lot when talking about Baja, and for good reason:   The Vizcaino Desert is, well, awesome.

With our entry into the Vizcaino Desert, we’ll be entering another world.   It starts with a climb into the desert mountains (I know, that sounds strange, but you’ll see) and then we’ll run the ridges for the next 30 miles or so.

I hope you’re not bothered by heights.  I only say that because one time when I was leading a group of guys I used to work with through this region one of the guys was apparently bothered by heights.   He complained afterward.   “You didn’t tell me there would be mountains.”   Folks, there will be mountains.   And they are beautiful.

The Vizcaino Desert is a unique ecosystem, with multiple plants endemic to the region (that means they grow only there, and no place else on Earth).   The Dr. Suess-like boojum (you’ll know what I mean when you see them) and the giant cardon cactus are in this category.   We’ll see candelabra cactus and a variety of agaves.   As I’ve said before, you’ll want to bring a camera.  We’ll stop several times…there will be lots of photo ops.

While we’re in the Vizcaino Desert (named, incidentally, after the Spanish explorer), we’ll roll through the Catavina boulder fields.   That photo I like to use of Baja is from this area.  “Other worldly” is an apt phrase.   You’ll see.


After the Vizcaino desert, we’ll enter Baja’s western coastal plains.   These are the lowlands along the Pacific.   You can think of Baja as a long tilted plank stretching south, with the eastern edge of the plank (along the Sea of Cortez side) being higher than the western edge (along the Pacific side).      When we hit Guerrero Negro (named after the Black Warrior, a ship that sank off the coast of this region a couple of hundred years ago) , we’ll stop for fish tacos at my buddy Tony’s truck.


Guerrero Negro is the last town we’ll hit on the Pacific side while we’re headed south.   From there we head diagonally southeast across the peninsula.   We’ll roll through the volcanic flows preceding the date farms of San Ignacio, we’ll stop to see the church, and then roll toward our late afternoon destination, Santa Rosalia.

That ride, like the rest of the day’s journey, will be epic.   We’ll see a volcano.  No kidding.   A real volcano – it’s called Las Tres Virgenes.

And then we’ll be into the downhill run known as La Questa del Infierno.   It’s the descent down the left side of the plank that forms the Baja peninsula.   No stopping for photos on this one, boys and girls.   You’ll see what I mean once we get into it, but as a heads up, take a look at this video Carlos, Maria, and yours truly made a couple of years ago rolling through this region…it’s an E-ticket ride!

We’ll bunk at Santa Rosalia’s Frances Hotel that night, and we’ll have dinner at the El Muelle (great seafood, steaks, and I hear the Mexican food is really good, too).  There are lots of sights to see in Santa Rosalia, and if I get a chance, I’ll post some of them here later.   You’ll love Santa Rosalia. It’s one of my favorite towns in Baja, but hey, they’re all favorites.

And that’s it for today, folks.  As you know, I’m up north in British Columbia, and my day is about to start.

Adios, for now.

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