The CSC weekend putt…

15 April 2014
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Folks, here’s more good stuff from the CSC ride this past weekend.

We all met at the plant at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, and we had a nice turnout…Steve, Twin Peaks Steve, Bill, Duane, Bruce, and yours truly.    And I have to tell you…it was cold!   It was overcast, too (as in “it might rain cats and dogs any second”), but that wasn’t about to stop us.

Here’s a shot of Twin Peaks Steve and Bill at the plant before we left…you can tell these boys know they are going to have a good time!


Twin Peaks Steve rides that black Bobber, and I am still convinced it’s one of the prettiest bikes we’ve ever built.   And Bill (he owns two CSC motorcycles), well, he was not about to be outdone.   Bill crafted this custom cooler on the back of his bike…


When I first saw Bill’s creation, my mind jumped back to Bill Murar’s Lake Erie Loop CSC endurance bike.   I thought that keg was an auxiliary fuel tank.   I sure was surprised when Bill opened it!


Bill, that is an amazing piece of craftsmanship, and for all you blog readers out there, no…we are not thinking of offering it in the CSC accessory catalog.   You’ll have to contact Bill directly if you want one for your bike!

We hit the road right as soon as everyone arrived at the plant, and we took Highway 39 into Azusa Canyon.    Steve led the group, and then he pulled over for a few seconds…



I jumped into the lead spot after that stop, and I shot a bit of video with my trusty helmet-mounted Midland video camera…

Like I said, I was in the lead spot, and it’s why you don’t see any CSC motorcycles in front of me in the video above.

I sure like the way that Midland video camera works.  I now own both the Midland and the Go Pro video cams, and I like the Midland better.   It mounts on the side of my carbon fiber helmet, and it’s a lot easier to turn on and off.  It’s also a lot easier to know from the feel of the switch when it’s on.   The Go Pro, quite frankly, is a bit of a pain to operate when it’s on a helmet.   My good buddy Simon Gandolfi had the same problem with his when we rode the CSC motorcycles in Baja.   The Go Pro is a decent camera, but I think the Midland is better.

Anyway, back to the story…

Our next stop was Camp Williams along the East Fork Road for a cup of Joe.   It was cold, and that coffee hit the spot.   The guy that runs that place is an old Harley rider, and he always jazzes us when we stop in.   Sunday was no exception.   “What happened…was there an escape from the Old Folks Home?” he asked as we pulled into the parking lot.   We were all, as the saying goes, men of a certain age…


We traded war stories over our coffees and hot chocolates, and then we were back on the road again.   Here’s another video of the boys charging up the hills…

I sure like being in the last guy in the formation.   It’s fun watching the bikes in front of me lean left, lean right, lean left again…well, you get the idea.   Even though it was cold, we were having a great time.

When we arrived at the crest (where Glendora Ridge Road starts), we stopped to talk to some of the other riders.   As always, and no matter what other folks were riding, the CSC motorcycles were the main attraction.    It’s a feeling I’ve never felt bad about…I enjoy riding something that other riders admire.



And make no mistake…this spot is the spot to be on a Sunday morning up in the San Gabriels!   There were lots of other bikes there, but the CSC motorcycles were the center of attention…







We hung out at this gathering spot for a while, talking to the other riders and to each other, taking pictures, and doing the kinds of things boys do when out for a motorcycle ride on a Sunday morning.   Good times, folks…there’s just nothing like riding a motorcycle in the mountains.   We sure are lucky having these kinds of roads right in our back yard.



I got in one of my reflective moods while we were up there (reflective from a photography perspective, that is).   You saw one of these shots in an earlier blog entry, but I like it so much I’m going to include it (along with another) here once more…


That’s Duane with me in the photo above…and here’s another with me and a couple of the guys reflected in Twin Peaks Steve’s Bobber…


My good buddy Bruce had his magical shades on again, and I just had to get a selfie using Bruce as my mirror!


After that, we rode Glendora Ridge Road into Mt. Baldy Village for a dynamite lunch at the Lodge.   More great conversation, another sampling of fine motorcycle road cuisine, and then it was back down the mountain as we headed for home.



The sun was just starting to come out as we went home, and that, as they say, was a wrap.  Another great day and another great ride.

Folks, we know you’re having as much fun on your CSC motorcycles as we are on ours.    Keep those photos and stories of your rides coming, and we’ll publish them right here on the blog!

Ride safe, my friends…


Bill’s black-and-white cruiser…

15 April 2014
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Our good buddy Bill (who was with us on the company ride this weekend) told me about a black and white photo he shot of his CSC 150 that he really liked.  When he showed it to me I asked him to send it to us so that I could share it with you here on the blog…


Nice work, Bill, and thanks for sharing your artistry with us.   That photo is awesome!


A note from Ralph…

14 April 2014
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I received a cool note and a photo from our good buddy Ralph this morning…

Checked in on the blog this morning. Looks like a “Thoroughbred” model is being considered/tested.


Looks good!


Thanks for sending that photo to us, Ralph.   The aft end of that Mustang is interesting…it looks something like a Harley Softail (except the shocks are out in the open instead of hidden beneath the engine).   It’s cool.  I believe it to be different than a stock Mustang Thoroughbred, which you can see here in one of the bikes from Steve’s collection of vintage Mustangs…


The original Mustang Motor Products Corporation introduced the Thoroughbred in 1960.   It was a first for Mustang, as the Thoroughbred incorporated swingarm rear suspension, a dual seat, and an optional storage compartment under the seat.    Mustang’s Thoroughbred had the Stallion’s 4-speed Burman transmission.   The new Thoroughbred bumped up the engine’s output to 12.5 horsepower.

Several folks have already written to me asking about the bike you saw in the blog yesterday, noting its similarity to Mustang’s original Thoroughbred.   Here’s a better shot of our CSC prototype up on Glendora Ridge Road yesterday…


Our prototype Thoroughbred II is something we’ve been playing around with for a bit.  Steve rode it instead of his usual ride (the Sarge) on our company ride.   The boss seemed eager for me to give it a try, so I did once we were up on the ridge…I shot some video, too, while we were up there…

It was cold and a bit wet up there yesterday and the T-2 (the Thoroughbred II) didn’t have a windshield like my Baja Blaster.  It was fast (lots more power than my 150cc bike) and the rear suspension felt good.    We haven’t finished evaluating the Thoroughbred II yet, and it’s not anything we’re going to be offering soon.   It’s just one of several projects we have in the skunk works, and Steve said it was okay to share it with you here on the blog.

More to come, folks, so stay tuned and ride safe!


A sneak preview….

13 April 2014
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We’ll have more on the blog in a few days, folks, but here’s quick peek at our ride today…

The video above shows the boys leaving Camp Williams after a stop for some coffee to warm up.  It was cold out there today!

I’ll have more video for you in a day or two, and here are a couple of photos as a sneak preview…



I know you’ll want to know about our ride today and some of you with a penchant for detail might have noticed a thing or two in the photo above…but like I said….more to come!

Ride safe, and keep an eye on the blog!


Company ride this Sunday!

12 April 2014
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Yep, tomorrow!

Be at the plant at 9:00 a.m. with a full tank of gas, and we’re heading for the hills….bring an appetite, because we’re going to have lunch at the Mt. Baldy Lodge.

See you tomorrow…



John’s Greaser

12 April 2014
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Folks, our good buddy Florida John sent this note to me yesterday…

Hi Joe,

I wanted to share with everyone some of the changes I made on my Greaser.

I love to ride this bike.  I was at a bike show this weekend & had more activity around my bike……so much fun.

You can see the pad I made to cover the saddle bag bracket.  Hope you and all enjoy the pictures.


John from Venice Florida



John, your Greaser really looks awesome!   You did a great job on it!

Thanks for sending these pictures to us to share with all of our CSC blog readers.  Ride safe and we’ll see you on the road!


Separated from the herd…

9 April 2014
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Now that, my friends, is a sign that the boys on American Pickers would surely love to find.   Wowee, an original Mustang dealer sign, complete with the patina of age that makes it real.

That photo above is just one of many I grabbed at the CSC plant this morning.   I had my Nikon with me and I was having fun.

So here are just a few Mustangs I shot this morning, folks…wow, that didn’t come out the way I wanted it to!   You know what I mean…just a few of Steve’s Mustangs I photographed.

First, a 1961 Mustang Stallion…



The Stallion is awesome.   And you know, of course, that we can duplicate that paint on a CSC motorcycle.   We’ve already done CSC motorcycles with similar two-tone paint jobs, and a bike in the Stallion’s paint theme shown here would really look good.

Here’s that ’59 Pony I showed you in the last blog entry…


My good buddy Jimbo wrote to tell me that it’s actually a Bronco, not a Pony (the Pony did not have a front brake; the Bronco did).    Jimbo, we’ll certainly bow to your superior knowledge.

And here’s a 1963 Thoroughbred, the Mustang with swing-arm rear suspension…


How about an absolutely perfect DeliverCycle?   This one in yellow is a 1955…and it’s one of four in Steve’s collection.


Cool stuff, folks, and most definitely an awesome collection of vintage bikes.

You know, I was getting pretty excited about being around these, and I asked Steve if he would ever consider selling any of these original vintage Mustangs.   The answer was a qualified “maybe.”

Hmmmm.   I’m hooked on my CSC 150 (I love that bike and I’ll be riding it this weekend on the company ride up in the San Gabriel Mountains).    But you might want to own an original.   You never know.  Give Steve a call.   Let me know what he says…


The company ride, eye candy, and more…

9 April 2014
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Folks, our company ride is coming up real soon…it’s this Sunday, and we’ll be leaving from the plant at 9:00 a.m. sharp.   Give us a call or drop an email to let us know if you’re going to be there so we’ll know how many to expect!

In the meantime, here’s a bit of eye candy…check out this drop dead gorgeous 1959 Mustang Pony from Steve’s extensive inventory of vintage Mustangs…


You know, when Steve first started CSC Motorcycles, he used the Mustang Pony as the model for all that would follow.   I’d say he nailed it!    Take a look at my personal ride, compare it to the photo above, and tell me if you agree!

That’s it for now…we hope to see you on Sunday!


Magic carpets, big bruins, and our next ride!

5 April 2014
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Lots of good stuff this week, folks.   Susie and I are headed out to Reseda in a bit…we’re getting our Turkish carpets cleaned at a place that specializes in this sort of thing.   I kind of fell into the Turkish carpet thing when I was doing a lot of business in, well, Turkey back in the 1990s.   Turkey is an amazing place, and if you ever have an opportunity to visit, it is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Anyway, during one of those earlier visits, I visited a Turkish carpet factory outside of Kayseri.  It was the most vertically integrated factories I’ve ever seen.  They literally had sheep walking in at one end of the factory and finished carpets coming out at the other end of the factory (beautiful carpets, too, I might add).   Wild times and wild stuff.  I brought home several (the prices over there were obscenely low).   The U.S. Customs guys at LAX were kind of pain about me carrying them in, but hey, I got through that okay.

So our trip to Reseda later today is only part of the traveling I’ve up doing this week.   My good buddy Landon over at Motorcycle Classics wanted an article about riding in the San Bernardino Mountains, and it doesn’t take much for me and the Nikon to hit the road.   There’s just something about a ride in the mountains, snow-dusted roads, and a country breakfast up in the pine-scented air.   I had a great time, and I thought I’d share some of the photos I grabbed with you here in the blog.

This first shot is Silverwood Lake, on the way up along Highway 18.    I guess I should mention that all of the “view” shots you see here are courtesy of my 12-24 Tokina wide angle lens.   It is one of my favorites because it always returns great shots, they are sharp, and the polarizer really makes the colors pop.


This next few shots are from the “Rim of the World” Highway along the southern edge of the San Bernardino Mountains.  It was cold up there, but it was great.




Here’s the little mountain town of Running Springs…it’s where I stopped for a magnificent breakfast.


Ah, the Old Country Coffee Shop in Running Springs. These folks know how to do it right!


Two eggs over medium, coffee, extra crispy bacon, and well-done hash browns…the breakfast of champions…with some cool artwork thrown in for good measure!





After that great breakfast, it was back on the road for the run up to Big Bear Lake…



And here’s a view of  Big Bear Lake from the southern end, right at the dam…


I had a great time and a great ride…and I stopped for this low wide angle shot of Highway 138 on the way down near Onyx Summit.


Cool stuff and a cool ride…speaking of which…

Next Sunday, folks…it’s our next company ride.    That’s the 13th of April, and we’ll do it up on Glendora Ridge Road, leaving from the CSC plant at 9:00 a.m.   Watch for more details right here!


A selfie…

4 April 2014
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I had so much fun on my recent Glendora Ridge Road ride I did a couple of things….I took a photo of myself (a “selfie”) up there with the Baja Blaster, and then I took another ride up in the San Bernardino Mountains to Big Bear and beyond.   The Big Bear ride was yesterday, and I had to do it in the Subie CrossTrek (it was cold up there, and Lupe was putting a new tire on the Baja Blaster for me this week).

First, the selfie….

Yours truly, with the Baja Blaster...yep, we've got shirt sleeve weather out here!

Yours truly, with the Baja Blaster…yep, we  had shirt sleeve weather out here a few days ago!

My friends said I look good.   Ah, I don’t know.   I’m still vertical, and I guess that’s good!    The real stars of the photo above, of course, are the San Gabriel Mountains (they are glorious) and my CSC 150.   I’ve had that bike four years now, and it looks just as good today as it did the day I picked it up!   I really like the colors, and I really like how the red wheels go with the rest of the bike.  It’s a great looking ride…just a beautiful motorcycle.

Watch for the photos from my Big Bear trip right here on the blog…I grabbed some good ones and I’ll post them this weekend!

Spring is upon us, folks…let’s fire those CSC motorcycles up and ride!


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