Exciting Times

Whoa…we ran out of bandwidth last night, the CSC blog was down for a bit very early this morning, and we’re back on the air as of about 4 hours ago.   We’re having lots of people visiting the blog to find out about the RX3 and our Baja trip!

Baja John and I went over to the Redhill Café for one of their super breakfasts (it’s a local breakfast spot and it’s great), and the rock star thing took over again.   Every one left the restaurant to get a look at the latest and most exciting motorcycle in America, the CSC RX3.   I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to grab that photo (probably a good thing, as you wouldn’t be able to see the bikes, anyway), but I grabbed a shot before we left.   What was very exciting for me was that when I was paying the bill at the cash register, there was a guy at the counter who was viewing the CSC blog on his i-Phone!   Awesome stuff!


More good stuff…my good buddy Ryan, who is the busiest motorcycle sales manager in America right now…


And here’s a photo of Peter, who flew in from Washington, D.C., to purchase his new RX3 and ride with us to Baja…


We were joking that we’d have to put our names on the bikes (like fighter pilots) to make sure we knew which one was ours…but Peter’s will be easy to recognize…his bike has the F-35 cockpit!


And how about this father-and-son team, Jay and John, who drove down from Washington (the state, not D.C.) to pick up their RX3 motorcycles…and yep, they are riding with us to Baja!


More good stuff….Eric just arrived from Texas, Tiffany is due in a bit, and more folks are rolling in for the CSC Inaugural Baja Run!   It’s “wheels in the wells” at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow!

We’re having our pre-ride dinner at Spaghetti Eddie’s tonight at 6:00 p.m.    For those of you who are not coming to the plant before the dinner, here’s the address and a map…


And just to keep us in the spirit of a grand Baja adventure (not that we need any help), here’s that awesome Baja video I posted a week or two ago…

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The Baja Press Release

Our latest press release, and this time it’s about our upcoming Baja run!   We’re less than 48 hours away!


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Just thought I’d add this…on my first full tank of fuel and while chasing Baja John up on Glendora Ridge Road, my RX3 returned 69.477 mpg!



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Busy, busy, busy…

The plant is running 7 days a week getting bikes ready for you, my buddy John is in town, we’re getting ready for the Baja trip, and we’re doing whatever it takes to make sure you get the best we can give you in terms of customer service and an outstanding ride on your motorcycle.

When I stopped by the plant yesterday, I saw Michael and Kathleen pick up their new RX3 motorcycles…they are going to have a lot of fun!


While I was there today (Sunday morning, mind you!), things were jumping in the assembly area…here’s a shot of my good buddy Joel assembling one of your RX3 motorcycles…


And another one of my good buddy Rich installing the accessory outlets on John’s new RX3…


Like the title says, we are super busy.  And we are loving it.

Here’s a shot of John and Sara earlier, when John paid for all the extras he bought this morning…


And here’s one of John and Steve behind the plant, pondering the roads we would be riding a short while later…


I was checking the package of goodies our good buddy Geoff sent to us from BajaBound motorcycle insurance when I found this note I had previously missed…thanks again, Geoff!


There sure is a lot happening.  One of my deals is I keep an eye on the Internet forums to see what folks are talking about.   It’s one of the things that helped us to realize the need for a right-sized adventure touring bike a year ago.   We also like to keep tabs on what people say about us, about the bike, and about Zongshen, and I’ll weigh in when people say dumb stuff.  I weigh in on things a lot.

We, the good folks at CSC and you, our loyal riders…we’re in this together.   We’re finding and tweaking things on the bike, you’re sending your great suggestions to us, and folks, we are incorporating them.   We’re acting on every improvement opportunity we find, and every improvement opportunity you find, and we’re not hiding anything from you.   For example, consider el neuvo springo


Still, some folks feel this overwhelming need to criticize. I read a lot of stuff on the Internet, and some of the comments are dumbfounding.   There seems to be an army of folks out there who feel qualified to comment and criticize anything and everything.   Some people would complain if you hung ‘em with a new rope, I guess.

Anyway, on to more fun stuff…Baja John and I were up on Glendora Ridge Road today putting some break-in miles on his bike, and the weather, the scenery, and the riding were breathtaking…




The Internet being what it is, somebody will no doubt study that last photo and tell me I should have gone into that corner at 32 mph, or I should have been in third gear, or whatever.   It’s amazing sometimes.

We had a great ride and a great lunch after.   We stopped in a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican place in Azusa.   I had a couple of chicken tacos and John had camarones.   His plate was so impressive I had to grab a photo…


Like me, John is getting ready for the Baja run, too…you might say we both have a lot on our plate…

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John on GRR

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Baja John

My buddy John flew in from Florida last night for the CSC Inaugural Baja Run.  I’m taking him to the plant in a little bit to pick up his new RX3.   Like me, he chose the fast color…

After John picks up his Cyclone, we’re headed into the hills to accumulate some break-in miles.

Three more days, folks, and we are Baja bound!

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Honda’s 1962 Safety Guidance…

I saw this on Facebook and I thought I’d share it with you.   It’s Honda’s English translation of their 1962 safety rules.


Tootels, all.   Beware the skid demon…

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Competition on the photo front!

Folks, check out this nice note and these great photos from our good buddy Florida Doug…

Hey Joe:

I finally got the bike out on the road for some break in miles.  Life is good!!!

Here are a couple of shots from my 75 mile break in loop today.  People say Florida doesn’t have mountains ….I would argue that! 

Are these pics blog worthy?

And along with those Florida mountains we even have curves, ha ha!

Not wanting to push the envelope too far until I get a few more miles under my belt on this scoot…. I’ll have an order of fries because there’s not enough chicken strips to fill this fat boy up!



 1-IMG_20150424_153347374-6502-IMG_20150424_153409109-6503-IMG_20150424_153944235-6504-IMG_20150424_163554478_HDR-6505-IMG_20150424_163657782-650Doug, thanks for that nice note…and not only are your photos blog-worthy, but I have to tell you I am feeling the competition!  Your photos are great!

We’re glad you’re enjoying your new RX3.   I am doing the same.  I got caught in the rain riding home from the plant today, and the bike handles well in the wet stuff.   I love this new motorcycle, and we at CSC love getting notes and photos from our riders.   Thanks for taking the time to send these to us!

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Baja Bound!

In mind, heart, and spirit, I am indeed bound for Baja, as are many of you who follow this blog.

I rode my RX3 to work this morning, and before I could turn around, Steve and couple of the guys had it out back checking out a pallet concept for another bike we’re shipping somewhere.  I had to act fast to keep my bike here in Azusa!


And here’s another cool photo…when I was poking around a bit in the plant earlier, I saw our folks setting up a great-looking red RX3 with the matching accented handgrips. It’s surprising how that one little detail really added to the overall appearance of this already stunning motorcycle…


More good news…I just finished getting my Mexican motorcycle insurance from BajaBound (it was $69 for 5 days with their top coverage package) when one of the office folks told me there was a package for me from BajaBound.   My good buddy Geoff, a VP at BajaBound, sent these promotional items to us for our upcoming trip…


There’s lots more swag in the box, but basically we’ve got decals, pens (some even in RX3 orange!), chapstick (that will come in handy down there), cool cigarette lighter converters for your cell phone or GPS, and a coffee mug.


The coffee cup is spoken for, folks….it’s mine!

I wasted no time in getting the BajaBound decal on my bike…


I’ll pass around these promotional items at our company dinner Tuesday night before we depart.   We’ll be eating at a good Italian restaurant in Glendora…the Boss figured you’d be getting enough Mexican food over the next 5 days!

Actually, I think you’ll be surprised at the food in Baja, and in a good way.   Anywhere we go in Baja, we’ll be close to two oceans (the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific).   You can see that on the Baja map (incidentally, I’ll be stopping at the Auto Club and I’ll have Baja maps to pass around for you).    But back to that “close to ocean” thing…the seafood down there is fantastic (like the lobster burritos you see in the photo below at Mama Espinoza’s).   It’s one of the many best parts of Baja.  You’ll see.

Back to my good BajaBound buddy Geoff…he’ll be down in Baja at the same time we are for the NORRA race.   Geoff is the real deal…he loves Baja and he’s a gearhead.   Here’s a photo of his truck…


Geoff’s race team is doing charity work for an animal shelter, and they are taking donations (if you want to donate, you can do so here).   I did (in fact, I was the very first one to do so, and I was glad to help out…BajaBound has done a lot to help CSC on these adventure rides).


If you haven’t already grabbed your motorcycle insurance policy for Mexico, here’s the link again:


Just 5 days, folks, and we’re Baja bound!

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A GRR photo…


A quick shot from the saddle of my RX3 a day or two ago along Glendora Ridge Road.   GRR was built in the 1930s, most likely as part of Roosevelt’s program to help pull the US out of the Great Depression.   Much of our riding next week in Baja will involve scenery like this.

Here are a few more links on Glendora Ridge Road…

Are you getting excited about Baja?  I sure am!

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