Such a deal!

My good buddy Rob just forwarded this Constant Contact email to me about Malcolm Smith’s Baja tour.  You can get to the site promoting it here.  Now, the purpose of this blog is not to slam Mr. Smith or his dealership.  I’ve met Mr. Smith and he’s a fine gentleman of incredible accomplishment (if you look up “living legend” I believe the dictionary will tell you “see Malcolm Smith”).  Nope, I’m using Rob’s email as a prompt to tell you about our rides.

What grabbed Rob’s attention (and then mine when he forwarded the email to me) was the cost of the Baja Tour.  The Malcolm Smith tour is 7 days and if you sign up early, it’s $4,199.   Rob sent me his note to recommend raising the price for our 8-day tour.

Just so you know:  Our price (drum roll please) is exactly $0.00.   On our rides, you have to pay your own expenses (hotels, meals, and gas), and that works out to less than $100 per day.  I always tell people to bring $800 and they’ll go home with money in their pocket.

You might ask why we do this.   The answer is simple.  We’re not in the motorcycle tour business.  We’re in the business of selling the adventure riding experience, and we’re convinced the best ticket in is a new RX3 or TT250 motorcycle.   Our tours are an important part of our marketing strategy.

So what’s it like on our rides?  Well, we’ve had four CSC runs through Baja since we started selling Zongshen motorcycles, and one before that on the CSC 150 scooters.  In a word, they’re great.  Awesome beyond belief, actually.   I’m writing about them now in Moto Baja, and I’m making good progress.  And I’m having fun reliving each of these grand adventures.

Moto Baja is a look at my personal experiences in Baja, starting with my first foray in 1994 and continuing through the CSC adventure rides.   I’m having a blast just going through and selecting the photos, and Moto Baja will include many photographs never previously published.  Oh, it will be in color, too.   That bumps the price up, but the photos are too awesome not to show them in color.  Here are just a few favorites…

DSC03914-65001120042book=650_DSC1350-65001120136book-650Would you like to ride with us on one of our adventure rides?  We have the Destinations Deal tour coming up…that’s an all-US run through California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada, and it’s right around the corner.   It’s an ideal reason to buy a new RX3, and we’d love to have you ride with us.

Want a ride with an international flair?  Hey, let me know if you want in on our next Baja ride in March 2018.  We limit participation to 15 riders, and there’s no time like the present to commit to going.

That’s it for now, folks.   Ride safe, and like always, stay tuned!

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