Steve’s ’53 Special…

You may not know this, but our very own Steve has one of the finest vintage Mustang collections on the planet…so much so, that Motorcycle Classics magazine ran a story about it a few years ago.  When I was in the plant yesterday, Steve’s ’53 Special was on display and I had my Nikon with me (along with a couple of wide angle lenses).   So….


I love those old Mustangs.  There were a lot of US companies making small motorcycles in the 1950s, and Mustang was the one everyone wanted.  Mustangs were the hot rods of the day, and the Special was the high performance model in the very elite line of Mustang motorcycles.  The Special was indeed special, with a high performance engine that made it the fastest of the fastest.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.  It’s when we’ll have our monthly company ride, and we’re heading up to Crystal Lake.  It’s been incredibly hot here and we’re expecting more of the same tomorrow, but we’re leaving and returning early enough that the heat should not be a problem.  I’ll have photos for you right here on the CSC blog!

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