Good buddy Paul…

…and he’s a CSC fan all the way.  Paul owns both a TT250 and an RC3.  I met Paul today when he was picking up his TT250 after having it serviced.

170706_2402-650Paul told me he loves his CSC bikes.  He’s a new motorcyclist and he bought the TT250 because he thought it would make a good first bike.   My TT250 is something like No. 39 or 40.  Yep, they’re great first bikes.  They are a lot of fun if you’ve been riding a while, too!

Paul and I talked about the TT250’s light weight and easy maneuverability, and how well they handle off road and on.  I’m riding mine on the company ride up to Crystal Lake this Saturday.   It’s going to be hot, and it’s going to be fun.

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