A note from another Joe…

Here’s a cool note and three cool videos I found in my inbox this morning from our good buddy Joe M…

Hey Joe, it’s the other Joe, Joe M from up in Washington state.  I wanted to pass along my video stories of taking my 2016 CSC RX3 Cyclone down to Southern California for some off-road training and touring with RawHyde Adventures.  For perspective, RawHyde Adventures is the official off-road training facility for BMW. 

My RX3 was surrounded by F800s and 1200GSs!  My trip started out going south as fast as I could, a day ahead of schedule, to get in front of a series of storms that were planned to hit from Washington all the way to California.  In Cali, it got named winter storm Leo and didn’t give me the wonderful SoCal weather I was hoping for.  Since I got down to SoCal early it gave me a chance to visit CSC HQ and meet the folks, tour the facility and pick up a new Seat Concepts seat and some miscellaneous spares.  I had a great time doing that and got a nice CSC RX3 T-Shirt to wear proudly with my Dual Sport Club get togethers.  The CSC team is awesome and were very gracious with their time to take care of me. 

Then I headed up to Castaic to connect at RawHyde Adventures camp.  We did 3 days of adventure training there and then I headed out on the first part of the tour called Base Camp Alpha in the Mojave Desert and continued with the Mid-Winter Adventure in Death Valley.  In total, it was 8 days of great riding. 

The bike did great and I only had one small crash with no damage to me or the bike.  I happened to carry my iPhone, Contour Roam on my helmet and EKEN H9R facing backwards on the rear of the luggage rack and got a lot of pictures and video.  I took all my footage and put together a video for each part of the trip which I’ve linked below.  Please feel free to share it on the CSC blog if you want as I’d like to show folks interested in the bikes or current owners what it can really do.  I can’t wait to get more proficient so I can really show it off.  Take care and I’ll see you in March for the Baja tour!

Intro to Adventure:

Base Camp Alpha:

Mid-Winter Adventure:

This is awesome stuff, Joe M, and thanks very much for sending it to us!   I know our readers will enjoy it.

Like you, I’m very much looking forward to the Baja ride.  See you in March, Amigo!

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