A very cool photo…

My good buddy JBFLA posted a very cool photo on the Chinariders.net forum yesterday, along with the following words…

I finally received Moto Baja.  Another good read by Joe Berk.  At 116 pages of light reading with lots of photos, it can probably be read in one sitting.  It took me 3 sittings, with time spent perusing the excellent photos, and my mind wandering…imagining a ride to Baja…..and being chased by wild dogs…..

JB, I’m super glad you enjoyed the book and I feel great about the words you used to describe it.  Your post was a grand compliment.  My intent was to emphasize the photography in this latest book, and your comments indicate to me I was successful.  Thanks for being a loyal reader and thanks for that awesome photo above…it really made my day.

For the rest of you guys who are riding into Baja with us in March, don’t worry about the dogs JB mentioned above…they were only a problem in a few towns when we were mostly on dirt roads, and I know the doggie domains to avoid.  We shouldn’t have any problems with the Baja barkers during our March expedition.

I’m having fun reading the comments on the Motorcycle.com story about our CSC Baja expeditions.  There are a lot of folks who are in awe of what we (you and the team here at CSC) are doing, and of course, there are a few naysayers.  Interestingly, the inputs from the haters are sparse and they aren’t really badmouthing Chinese bikes these days.  The few folks who have anything negative to say are down on Baja and on small bikes.  Ah, well, like that song goes, the haters are gonna hate.  What empty lives they must lead.  The vast majority of comments are positive, as well they should be.

That’s it for tonight, folks.   I’m up here in northern California visiting with friends and family, and I’m dreaming about heading south into Baja again.   It’s less than three months away!

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