The ExtraTerrestrial Highway!

Another day, another great ride!  Wow, what a time we are having on this Destinations Deal Tour!


CSC motorcycles on the ET Highway!

We rolled out of Hurricane after our hotel breakfast, and it sure was cold (the ride, not the breakfast).   The wind was still howling away, but once we were out of Hurricane old Mother Nature stopped blowing and she turned her attention to just being cold.  You know, some of the greatest inventions ever created include the electric light, compound interest, the automobile, the motorcycle, and the electric vest.   I was nice and toasty riding in that cold mountain air as we rolled 77 miles down Interstate 15.  We rode out of Utah into Arizona, and then on to Moapa in Nevada.  Our destination today was the ExtraTerrestrial Highway (Nevada 375) and Tonopah.  It was a high mileage day, with long distances between gas stops.

Everyone was in high spirits today and we had a stellar ride across the Nevada desert.  Well, hey, enough jabbering…let’s get to the photos!


Orlando and Velma at the southern end of the ExtraTerrestrial Highway!


Joe Gresh grabbing a cell phone photo!


Another shot of a famous guy in front of a famous sign…does it look like this man is  having fun?

We rode the ET Highway for 40 miles to Rachel, home of the world famous A’Le’Inn, where we stopped for more photos and lunch…


At the A’Le’Inn!


An ET selfie…


Rob, Joe, and Willie trying to catch a ride to Area 51…


Joe’s ride…


Rob makes a new friend!


The ceiling in the A’Le’Inn.


ETs. Lots of ETs…

The ride today was really fun.   We were worried about making it the 160 miles from Ash Springs to Tonopah, so we slowed the pace to 50-55 mph to maximize our fuel economy.  We had been riding at freeway speeds and pushing the bikes pretty hard, so the laid-back pace was a welcome relief (several of the guys said they liked the slower pace a lot better).


The view along the ET Highway!

I was really surprised at how little fuel my bike was using.  Normally, the first bar on the fuel gage will drop off somewhere between 80 and 85 miles for me.  On today’s ride, I rode 114.6 miles before that happened.

Tomorrow we’re headed into Death Valley.  This is a great ride, folks.  We are having a blast.

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