The CSC Destinations Deal team in Zion National Park!

Today was another grand day, starting with our early morning ride across Grand Canyon National Park on Highway 64.  Joe wanted to stop to see the watch tower at the extreme eastern edge of the park, that’s what we did, and that was a good thing.


The Grand Canyon’s watch tower!

We had dramatic views in the frigid morning air of the Grand Canyon on our left, and when we stopped at the watch tower we had our best views yet of the canyon.


The Grand Canyon, from the eastern edge of the National Park.


That’s the Colorado River down there…it’s a mile down!


Good buddy Gary taking it all in.

A funny thing happened in the watch tower parking lot.   As we were getting ready to leave, a huge raven landed on one of the bikes.  The thing was fearless.  The guys took several  photos, and the bird stood there on Willie’s red RX3 crowing at us.  Then it tried to grab one of the gloves Willie had left on his bike.  We all yelled at it, the bird dropped the glove, and hopped over to Dan’s red bike.  I guessed it liked red.  We were lucky; that thing could have easily flown away with one of Willie’s gloves.   The bird was enormous.   I didn’t have my camera out and to tell you the truth, I was too dumbfounded by what I was seeing.  If I can steal a photo from one of the other guys, I’ll post it later.

We picked up Arizona 89 and then 89A, and it was beautiful (cold, but beautiful).  My heated vest did its job and earned its pay this morning.  We rode along vermillion cliffs that were stunning.  89A is a great road.

From there it was on to Marble Canyon for a quick stop on the bridge spanning the Colorado River there.   The photo ops were incredible.


The Colorado River in Marble Canyon, Arizona.

We stayed on 89A and 89 across the mountains with more great riding, and then it was on into Utah.


On Arizona 89A!


Where the cliff dwellers dwell…


Riding at 8900 ft in the Arizona mountains!


On to Utah!

Highway 9 came up next, and it took us into Zion.


Entering Zion National Park.


My buddies in Zion!


The scenes in Zion are amazing!

We’re staying in Hurricane tonight, and the place is aptly named.  It’s nonstop high winds here.   I asked the guy at the hotel counter if it’s always like this.  He smiled and said, “yep.”

Tomorrow is a high mileage day.   About 340 miles, to be precise, and we’ve got a stretch where the gas stations are 160 miles apart.  It’s going to be an adventure!

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