Laughlin, Oatman, pretty women, great music, magnificent food, and more…

What a day…it’s just been grand!   Our first annual Destinations Deal tour is underway, and we are having an absolute blast.  There are nine of us on this ride and we have enjoyed the entire day.  I’ve been dropping photos on Facebook with my cell phone all day long, and now it’s time to put a few of the best ones on the CSC blog.

Gresh and I just came back to the room after sitting at the Colorado Belle’s River Bar, enjoying a few brewskis, and listening to what has to be the world’s best ‘60s Motown band.  But I‘m getting ahead of myself, so….back to the beginning.

After that great La Tolteca Mexican dinner last night, we were all at the CSC plant early today.  These are good times, folks, and here are just a few photos from the gathering this morning before we hit the road…


Orlando and Velma, two real troopers!


Good buddy Leighton!


A man, a motorcycle, and America…my good friend Rob!


An RX3 in the fastest color!

Driving up through the Cajon Pass was rough…the wind was gusting at what I’m guessing was 60 to 70 mph, and we were being blown around big time.  Once we were up in the Mojave’s High Desert, though, things got a lot smoother.  We stopped at the Barstow Del Taco (one of Ed Hackbarth’s original three) for coffee and more.   It was good!


Enjoying a mid-morning coffee break in Barstow!


Orlando and Velma enjoying original Del Tacos!

We picked up I-40 and headed east until we crossed the Colorado River into Arizona, and then we stopped for a late lunch at Topock.   It was incredible!


Say Cheese!


A Topock chicken wrap and onion rings!


A Topock chili dog!


A Leighton lunch!


Good times!

After that fabulous lunch at Topock, we rode old Route 66 to Oatman.   It was beyond incredible.  Check out a few of the photos from the CSC Oatman invasion!


RX3 motorcycles in Oatman!


Dan and Willie in Oatman!


A donkey checking out my RX3!


Arjiu makes a new friend!


Inside the Oatman Hotel!

Next up was a quick trip north into Arizona’s Bullhead City, a jump back across the Colorado River into Nevada (yep, we’re in Laughlin tonight), and life just kept getting better.   I met a nice young lady in the motorcycle parking area in front of the hotel and we had a great chat.   Folks, meet Debbie, a Harley-riding cocktail waitress at the Colorado Belle.


Say hi to Debbie!

I know what you are thinking, but it’s what they pay me to do.   Riding motorcycles through some of the best parts of America.  Great food.  Beautiful people.  Awesome scenery.   I mean, you know, hey, somebody’s got to do it!

That brings us to tonight, and we just wrapped it up after listening to an incredible band…


Rocking out in Laughlin at the Colorado Belle!

Life is good, folks.  It’s what happens when you ride a CSC motorcycle.   Trust me on this.

Tomorrow, we’re off to the Grand Canyon.  Stay tuned!

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