Friday night on Orchard Road…

Orchard Road is Singapore’s upscale shopping area, and the architecture, the night scenes, and feel of the place is amazing.  Susie and I walked a few miles along Orchard Road with an 8mm fisheye lens on the Nikon after a simple wonton soup dinner and it was awesome…

171006_4800-800-650You see two kinds of buildings in this area, and I captured both in the photo above.  Old Singapore consisted primarily of shop houses…two-story structures where folks had a business on the first floor and lived on the second floor.   And then, of course, there are the modern skyscrapers.  The mix of both makes for interesting scenes.

171006_4705-800-650We’re in a tropical climate here.  It’s hot and it’s humid, but it’s not as bad as it has been.   We had thundershowers last night, but it’s easy to stay out of them.  The modern buildings have extensive overhangs, so the sidewalks stay dry.

171006_4724-800-650171006_4719-800-650171006_4756-800-650171006_4787-800-650See those trees along the sidewalks?   They’re quiet during the day, but at night, the tens of thousands of birds roosting in those trees are deafening.  You literally have to shout to carry on a conversation because the birds drown everything out.  Last night was interesting because we had a thundershower (very common in this part of the world), and when the skies thundered, the birds all simultaneously fell silent for a second.   Then, after a brief pause, they started squawking again.  It was all pretty cool.

This is our last day here; later today we’re getting on a Royal Thai plane bound for Bangkok.  It’s another one of my favorite cities, and I  know we’re going to see about a zillion motorcycles, all at the same intersection, all trying to get through the intersection at the same time.  Watch for the photos!

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