Expansion, another win in Vegas, and more…

Our showroom is expanding and it’s been fun watching the guys remodel our plant.   We’ve tripled the size of the showroom and we’ll have quite a few more bikes on display when you stop by.   It’s interesting…it’s been a down year for motorcycles, but the demand for RX3s, TT250s, and the new Café Racer has been strong.  We’re still sorting through all of the technical details on the Café Racer, but as soon as we have those finalized and we order the next shipment, we’ll let you know when they’ll be here.

The quarter at Cal Poly is drawing to a close, and after teaching in the College of Engineering there for close to 30 years, I’m going to call it a day.  Yep, I’m retiring.  That means more time to ride my TT250 and my RX3, and more time on the range.   I’m excited about that.  I want to roll up the miles on my RX3, and I may do the Bronson thing and just point the forks east.   That would be cool.  I’m thinking I’ll follow the southern border, pick up the Gulf of Mexico coast in Texas after stopping for a dinner at the Cattleman’s in Fabens (just east of El Paso; it’s the best steakhouse on the planet), and turn north in Florida.   I may just cruise all the way north to Newfoundland to see if there’s any foundation in all the jokes I hear about that region from my Canadian friends, and then I’ll turn west again.  Saskatchewan is what I want to see.   The guys in Edmonton told me you can watch your dog run away for days up there.  Welker’s going to be in Alaska on his RX3.   Wouldn’t it be cool if I was waiting there with a beer when he arrives?   We’ll see.

Our good buddy Roland Wheeler racked up another 1st place win on his RC3 racebike, this time in Las Vegas.


Roland, our congratulations to you!  Your performance on the RC3 is more than impressive, and we’re all proud of you.

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