Moto Doffo!

Damian Doffo in the restoration and maintenance shop.

You’ll probably remember me mentioning the Moto Doffo collection a few months ago.  Well, the story just came out in Motorcycle Classics magazine (one of my all-time favorites), and it’s a honey!  You can read it here, but don’t stop there.  Make sure you buy the print magazine, too.  It will be on the news stands this week!

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Mulholland Drive, anyone?


Susie and I took a ride yesterday and we found ourselves on LA’s famous Mulholland Drive.   I’d like to do it on my motorcycle.  The road is tight and twisty, and there was surprisingly little traffic yesterday afternoon (there were more than a few Ferraris and Lambos up there, though).   The views were awesome, including that one you see above of downtown LA (the elliptical black area you see in the lower right corner is the Hollywood Bowl).

The starting point is about 25 miles from the plant, and I’m told Mulholland runs for 50 miles all the way to the ocean.   If anyone wants to do this, let me know.

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National Geographic’s Baja piece…

We’ve been subscribers to National Geographic since God was a roadguard (you former military folks will remember that expression), and I was more than a little pleased when I saw that esteemed publication had a special on Baja this month.  You can read it here.  In particular, NatGeo focused on seeing the whales in Laguna San Ignacio (which is exactly where we go on our CSC tours) and Baja’s cave paintings (another high point of our annual CSC Mexico explorations).

No other motorcycle company I know of does these kinds of tours and we’re proud that we offer this opportunity to our riders.  You’ve seen our Baja videos below.  Hey, why not ride with us next March?

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Another favorite…

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Cool videos…

There’s lots of interest in the Cafe Racer, folks, so I thought I’d post these videos again for you…

And then, of course there are the RX3 videos from our trips literally all over the world.   Check these out, folks!

Fun times, to be sure.   If you’ve got a video you’d like us to post on the blog, please shoot an email (with a link) to us at

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10-Day Labor Day Sale!

141209_9878-650-Labor-Day-Sale-W&DStarting today and running for 10 days, we’re having our RX3 Labor Day sale.   Here’s the deal:

  • $3895 for a brand-new 2017 RX3.
  • Free shipping to any location in the Lower 48 states.
  • No documentation fees.
  • No crating fee.
  • No setup fee.
  • 20% off any accessories when purchased with a new RX3.

It’s only going to run for 10 days, folks.  The time to act is now.

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Too hot to ride this Saturday…

Yep, it is.   We’re cancelling the Meetup ride we had previously planned for this Saturday.  It’s just too hot, folks.

Watch for our planned October ride!

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A Sarge on the block…

Sarge_DSC0004Every once in a while we get a bike come in that’s so noteworthy I need to, well, note it on the blog.  One of the CSC-150 models we had when we were producing the Mustangs was a model we called the Sarge.   That one you see above is one of the very few we built, and it’s amazing.   It only has 280 miles on it.   These little modern Mustangs are the bikes we rode all the way to Cabo San Lucas and back, so they will go the distance.   At $3995, this one won’t last long.

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A couple of very cool threads…

You know, I don’t spend too much time on the Internet forums any more.  It’s mostly because there’s so just much drivel out there that seeing it bothers me.  Every once in a while, though, I’ll check in and sometimes I find some really cool things.

This weekend, I found two cool threads.  One is the ADVRider thread on the guys who got together in Marlinton, West Virginia.   It’s cool and it includes a lot of great photos showing your favorite motorcycles in action.   That thread starts here.    I wanted to ride out to participate in that event, but I just had too many things going on to make my planned cross-country ride this summer.

The next is another great thread on the forum.   It’s about a retired engineer named Joe who is a world motorcycle traveler (and no, it’s not written by me, although with “Olegeezer’s” background you can understand why I enjoyed reading it so much).   Joe flew to Medellin, bought an AKT Adventour (Colombia’s version of the RX3), and rode South America.

OleGeezer's bike taking on fuel somewhere in South America

OleGeezer’s bike taking on fuel somewhere in South America

I rode an AKT motorcycle around the Andes in Colombia, so I really had an interest in Joe’s ride.  I’ve thought about this a lot, folks, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the world needs more old geezers named Joe riding around on Zongshen motorcycles.  Joe’s thread starts here, and I found it so intriguing that I wrote to Joe to ask if I could mention him on the CSC blog.   Here’s his answer…

It would be fine if you post the link, Joe.

On me: I’m a 66 year ole phart. Retarred engineer (mining). I currently live in Beckley WV. I retired in 2004 and started riding after a 30 year lull. I have 4 Moto’s, 2003 Honda ST1300, 2008 Kawi Versys at home. I have an old Yamaha Fazer600 that I’m now riding in Europe.  And last but not least my AKT250TT that is stored in Cusco, Peru until I return in winter 2018.  That’s all for now as I just rode from Brescia, Italy to Rimini on the Adriatic coast and I’m in terrible need of a nap.



Joe, great report and thanks for allowing me to mention you here.  I enjoyed reading that thread.  Ride safe and stay in touch!

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The Art Of Love On Two Wheels

JM400We take two newspapers on the weekends – The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.   Both are hopelessly left-leaning and (in my opinion) both have degenerated into little more than propaganda machines.   But I need to read a newspaper on Sunday mornings, and like that old saying goes, halitosis is better than no breath at all.

The New York Times has good pieces on occasion, and I found one this morning while skipping through that paper’s daily dose of endless hand-wringing on the outcome of the last presidential election.   It’s written from the perspective of a female passenger on the back of a Triumph Bonneville.   The author, Joyce Maynard, tells the story well and I’m including a link here.   You should read it.

Spoiler alert…there’s a sad ending.  But I still think Ms. Maynard’s article is worth a read.   The message is this:   Get out and live.  If you’re thinking of riding and exploring the world, do it now.   And hey, the Destinations Deal ride is coming up (click here to learn more).  We’ve got four people signed up so far, with not too many openings left.   I’d sure love it if you bought a new RX3 and rode with us.  Laughlin.  Oatman.  Death Valley.  Zion.  The Grand Canyon.  The ExtraTerrestrial Highway.  It’s going to be great.

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