CSC Trike Kits Available Next Spring!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!   Wow, what a year this has been!  And that new development I promised?  Well, boys and girls, here it is…take a look at our motorcycle maestro on his latest creation!

The Master of All Things Mechanical...Steve on his latest CSC masterpiece!

Yep, our very own trike.  You can’t buy it yet, but come this Spring, you’ll be able to purchase the entire CSC trike kit and it will be a 100% “bolt on” package.  No welding, no cutting, no painting…just nuts and bolts.   Steve and the boys spent a lot of time on this one, and it’s a honey! 

The California Scooter Trike....available in Spring 2012 as a bolt-on accessory for your favorite motorcycle!

Steve told me about the plans for this unit, and it’s going to be great.   We won’t sell complete trikes…you’ll have to buy a CSC motorcycle and the accessory trike package, but it sure looks and feels cool!  Steve even let me fire it up and take it for a ride…and my smile is real!

Our engineering development prototype trike unit isn’t finished yet…it’s just the bare bones right now.   But it’s fully functional, and I’ll tell you what:  It works!  Steve wants to work on getting the gearing perfect, finishing a few minor engineering details, and developing a family of trike accessories. The accessories list sounds super cool…a pickup bed…a polished wood stake bed…a rear seat option…a service compartment…and the list goes on!  My guess is that a lot of folks will want to buy the bare bones trike kit, and design their own package for it.   Maybe we’ll even do one with a monster auxiliary gas tank and use it in the next Hell’s Loop Rally!

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3 Responses to CSC Trike Kits Available Next Spring!

  1. fred lenk says:

    Been watching the CSC blog for a 3 wheel version. I went over to the Mustang Motorcycle Club of America forum to look at the Delivercycle pics again to imagine the possibilities (

  2. Joe says:

    Jim, this is just the beginning. Steve is designing the fenders, the tail light(s), and a bunch of other things. We’re excited. This is going to be a great ride!

  3. Jim Claeyssen says:

    This trike kit is so cool! I knew what is was when I first saw it on the Nov 19th Blog, just wondering how it was going to look, Nice job Steve!

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