A fast bike and slow Internet service…

Paint by John...and photo by Sandy!

Paint by John...and photo by Sandy!

Slow would be the way to describe my Internet connection tonight…seems like Verizon could take a few lessons from the wizards out in the shop who put Sylvain’s bike together, because it is FAST!

I’ve been posting LSR photos and videos as the bike has been coming together, and the comments have been flying.   The best question was probably from my good friend Justin who wanted to know why we painted the headlight black.  

I couldn’t resist…reaching back to my Army days, I told Justin it was an infrared headlight because we were doing our high speed work at night!  Yeah, I’m a bit of a trouble-maker, but the guys in the shop tell me I’m in the minor leagues compared to John Esposito… 

Late this afternoon we tossed the LSR bike in the back of Steve’s F-150 and snuck out to our secret high speed test track  in the Cajon Pass.   We wanted to let Sylvain get some seat time before Sunday, and maybe stretch the LSR’s legs a bit. 

Wow, this bike is impressive…Sylvain only had about a quarter of a mile to accelerate from a standing start and then decelerate to a stop…and this puppy rips!   The GPS registered 67.4 miles per hour and Sylvain didn’t have room to get the bike out of third gear!  

And the sound…no 150cc bike I’ve ever heard sounds like the beast our boys put together. 

Well, hey, listen to this yourself and tell me what you think…  And, take a close look at the video below…you’ll see why we went with a black headlight for old No. 142!

Here’s another one from our shakeout runs earlier today…

And one more…our Green Meanie flying along!

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  1. Total says:

    i like Sylvains first word to “whew!! “

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