The Hondells

Mike at NoHo Scooters just posted this on Facebook…

Mike Love and Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys) wrote this song and the Hondells recorded it way back in 1964.  Yep, this song is 46 years old!

You know, the scary part is I have this song on a CD, and I still listen to it nearly every day on my way to work…

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3 Responses to The Hondells

  1. Joe says:

    Tom, I believe you are correct. From what I’ve heard, there are over 50 million of those little Honda Cubs out there! The bike hit the streets in 1958 and they’ve been manufactured in Asia, Africa, and South America. And Carl, I’ve owned both of the bikes you mention (I had a ’65 Super Hawk and a ’72 500cc Triumph), and they were both cool machines. I wish I still had them!

  2. And I was selling them for Bob Shultz Imported Motorcycles by the dozens along with S90’s, Super Hawks, Scramblers, and Dreams, etc.

    Every Friday night I would take a couple of electric start Cubs down to Gas Light Square in St. Louis and rent the sidewalk in front of Smokey Joe’s Grecian Terrace and put on a little demo show. Sometimes I would take a 305 Super Hawk and put it next to a Triumph 500cc. Both went 100mph but Honda was $645; Triumph was $1150. I would have the gals start the Honda and the guys start the Triumph in a “start the engine” race. The gals always won (electric start on the Honda). What fun times…Dave Mungenast Honda sold over 1000 Hondas that year (1965) plus lots of other brands.

  3. Tom Maioli says:

    Hey Joe, is that the Honda Cub? I believe it is the highest production two wheel motorized vehicle ever. I under stand it is still produced world wide except in the US. They also have numerous models ie, SUV, pick-up, flat bed, 6 passenger wagon etc.

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