The gauntlet has been thrown!

Now that we’re back from the Destinations Deal Tour we’ve got a little breathing room, and it’s time to get back to the open rifle competition we discussed a month or so ago on the CSC blog.   Rob, who rode with us on the DD Tour, stayed over to a day to fire the first entry, and folks, the gauntlet has been thrown.  Right now, Rob is the man to beat!

171028_7311-650Rob fired his M1 carbine (chambered in 9mm Luger) this morning at the West End Gun Club to nail down a very impressive 180-3X score!


That’s nice shooting, Rob!

The rules for our competition are simple:

  • Any centerfire rifle with iron sights.
  • 50 yards.
  • Any position, including shooting from the bench.
  • 20 shots in 20 minutes.
  • The SR-1 target.

We have several people who have expressed an interest in shooting this course, and targets are being mailed to you next week.   Drop me a line ( if you’d like to participate!

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