3 Spokes, a Decal, and NoHo Scooters this weekend!

CSC's 3-spoke racing wheels

CSC's 3-spoke racing wheels

Our LSR rider Sylvain contacted me a few days ago with suggestions for our land speed record bike, one of which was reducing wheel weight for this very special California Scooter.   It was a great idea…and when I mentioned it to the boss, Steve immediately agreed.  

What you see here is the result.   These wheels are not available to the public…these are very special custom wheels made exclusively for our race bike.   They are nearly 40% lighter than a stock wheel, and if you’ve ever switched to lighter wheels, you know how much of a difference that makes in the bike’s overall feel, responsiveness, acceleration, handling, and everything else.   That’s because two things happen when you run with lighter wheels…there’s the basic weight reduction (which is always a good thing), and there’s the reduction in inertia (it’s easier to make the wheels rotate).   This was a great idea, and I think these new wheels really look cool, too.  Sylvain, this was a super suggestion!

Hey, here’s another cool freebie…our latest California Scooter decal with the CSC logo.   These 4-inch diameter stickies are free…if you want one, just shoot me an e-mail at jberk@californiascooterco.com with your snail mail address and I’ll get one mailed to you right away!   The one you see here is on my Subie WRX, and I’m gonna put one on my KLR 650, too. 

Want a decal?   Shoot me an email at jberk@californiascooterco.com and I'll one mailed to you!

Want a decal? Shoot me an email at jberk@californiascooterco.com and I'll mail one to you!

We’re headed out to Mike Frankovich’s open house at NoHo Scooters in North Hollywood this Saturday…Steve, Jim, me, and one or two others on our California Scooters.   One of the many things Los Angeles is famous for is our gourmet roach coaches.   No kidding, these are mobile food vendors with incredible high end delicacies served right from their trucks.   Mike’s gonna have these guys at his NoHo Scooters open house.  We hope to see you there!

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