Jimmy’s Mustangs…

When I arrived at the CSC plant yesterday, I saw a visually-arresting Cadillac V parked in our parking lot.   Those V cars are amazing in any flavor, but this one was especially riveting…

160906_4080-650160906_4079-650Jimmy is the guy who owns it, and it turns out that he (like us) is a real gear head.   The finish is actually a wrap, and it was stunning.  It’s a mirror finish with a blue hue, and on that Corvette-engined Caddy, it was just flat beautiful.

But that’s not the only thing that was amazing about Jimmy.   Turns out that in his earlier days, Jimmy had an itch he never scratched….he wanted a Mustang.   You can guess where this story is going.   Yep, Jimmy scratched that itch yesterday.


That’s Jimmy on the left and Steve on the right, with a vintage Mustang that Jimmy just bought. He’s holding photos of some of his other toys.

Jimmy came in to look at a consignment CSC 150 Bobber, and he ended up buying three bikes – two CSC 150 Mustang replicas and an original Mustang.   That’s pretty cool, and we like it when people buy three bikes at a time (don’t get me wrong, we like it when our customers buy one bike at a time, too).


That’s it for now, folks.  As always, stay tuned…there’s more good stuff coming your way.

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