Great reads this morning…

While enjoying a cup of coffee with my standard two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast today, I read two great columns. The first was in the Wall Street Journal and it was another interesting A.J. Baime article (you’ll remember that I mentioned Mr. Baime’s stellar writing last week).  Today’s story was about a retired high school teacher and his wife recently completing a coast-to-coast ride on (get this) a 1915 Harley-Davidson.  Folks, this is cool stuff. I’d give you the link to the article, but you have to be an online WSJ subscriber to be able to read it. If you are not a subscriber, my recommendation is to pick up a copy of today’s WSJ – it’s a great read.  The guy Baime wrote about is 67 years old, which is a milestone I’ll hit early next year (time does fly when you’re having fun).  And that guy is retired while I’m still glued to my laptop doing the blog, posting Facebook stuff, writing books, and doing all of the other fun things I like to do.  I suppose someday I’ll join the ranks of the retired. Just not today, though.

Which brings me to the next article I wanted to mention this morning…one penned (I supposed I should say “keyed”) by Steve Lopez, who is one of my favorite writers on the LA Times staff.  The Lopez piece today was on his getting older and falling apart, but having no shortage of role models who kept on working well beyond retirement age.  You can read the article without being an LA Times subscriber (here’s the link).  A lot of the Lopez piece made me smile, especially his line about pulling a muscle opening a box of cereal.  I had a similar experience picking up a rifle and giving myself tennis elbow.  Wow, that was painful, and it’s taking a long time to heal.  I suppose it’s funny because I don’t even play tennis.  It just seems like it’s easier to do damage as I age and it takes a lot longer to heal.

When you wrap up all of the above with the fact that most motorcyclists in America tend to be older folks, it makes for an interesting combination.  I should think about what all this means, but I’m not going to do that.  Nope, I’m going for a motorcycle ride.  I haven’t been out on the TT250 in a while, and that’s a situation I’m going to fix today.   Maybe I’ll even grab a photo or two.   Keep an eye on the blog, and you’ll get to see them.   Before I do that, though, I’m going to watch the China video one more time.   My good buddy Joe Gresh (who is also an old dude, although he is a few years younger than me) posted it on his Facebook feed earlier this morning.

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