No wildflowers, but a great ride!

We enjoyed a great ride today in the San Gabriel Mountains with our Meetup buddies, and like always, we enjoyed making new friends and connecting again with old ones.  The weather was stunning and so was the riding…

Let me share a few photos with you and introduce our friends from this morning’s ride!


The obligatory selfie, with Joseph, Joe, Marty, and Richard, as seen in the air filter cover of Joseph’s Honda Shadow.


A quick stop for coffee at the Camp Williams Café and General Store on the East Fork Road.


Good buddy Joseph, a guy with whom I’ve covered many miles. Joseph owns a lot of bikes. He rode his Honda Shadow today. Glad you could make it, Joseph!


A view from my RX3 headed up Glendora Mountain Road from the East Fork Road in the San Gabriel Mountains.


Good buddy Marty on a loaner RX3. Marty usually rides his BMW sport touring bike, but he wanted to try the RX3 today.


Steve on his Triumph Street Twin. I’ve got a better photo of Steve below.


Gary, a guy we met for the first time today. Gary rides a stunning Honda Gold Wing with a matt black finish. That color really works; Gary’s Gold Wing is beautiful. Glad to see you today, Gary!


Another new friend, our good buddy Anthony. Anthony rides a big touring BMW. Thanks for joining us today, Anthony!


Good buddy Marty, a guy I’ve been riding with for 15 years. Marty rode an RX3 today.


Steve, a Triumph rider whom I met for the first time today. He’s a fun guy and his new Triumph is just awesome! My friends over at Douglas Motorcycles sold it to him.


Twin Peaks Steve, a great guy who owns a CSC Bobber and an RX3. Steve frequently rides with us. It’s always great seeing you, Steve!


Richard, a great rider and all around cool guy who has ridden with us before on our CSC monthly outings. Great seeing you again, Richard!


Martin, a media specialist who rides a KLR 650. I met Marty for the first time today…he’s a great guy!


Dan and Duane, two CSC riders. Dan rides a TT250 and Duane rides both a CSC-250 Mustang and an RX3. I’ve been on quite a few rides with Duane.

The beautiful weather attracted everybody today, including about a zillion bicycle riders up in the mountains.  We had planned to stop at the Mt. Baldy Lodge for lunch, but there was a line of bicyclists waiting to get in when we arrived, so we opted to ride down the mountain for a Mexican lunch.  Well, it was Strike 2 at the Mexican restaurant (they were closed), so we walked across the parking lot and had lunch at Legends, a ’50s-style cruiser restaurant.  It was great, and Legends might just become our “go to” lunch location for future rides.

We sure had a great time today, even though we didn’t get to see any wildflowers (I guess they are still a week or two away from blooming).  Next time, maybe, so keep an eye on the CSC blog for information on the next get together.  Like always, it will be the first Saturday of the month!

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