You can do this!

You know, it’s hard to believe…I meet people all the time who read about our adventure rides and they tell me they would love to do what we do…as if they are somehow being prevented from doing exactly that.  I’ll say more about that in a minute, but for now, take a look at this: I rode my TT250 to the top of Mt. Baldy this afternoon and it was a blast…

Hey, it could be you in that video above.   Yep, we have just a few 2016 TT250s left, and they are going out the door for $2,195.  We’re riding ours to Baja later this week.

Think about it…just $2,195 for a brand new motorcycle.   It’s a hell of a deal on a hell of a motorcycle.  Don’t take my word for it.  Read what people are saying on the Internet about our bikes, our company, our customer support, and our adventure rides.

Oh, you can listen to the people who tell you not to buy a Chinese bike (even though what they are riding, assuming they ride at all, could very well have been manufactured in China).   You can listen to the uninformed tell you a 25o is too small (even though real world adventure riders know it is the optimal size for international adventure riding).   Worse yet, you can listen to the scaredy-cats who tell you shouldn’t ride a motorcycle at all, or that you’d have to be crazy to go to Mexico.

Well, color me crazy.   Later this week, my friends and I will be down in Baja (San Felipe, to be specific) having fish tacos, and we’ll have ridden there on our CSC motorcycles.

Now, about that video…for just $2,195, that could be you riding into Baja with us this week.   Think about it…

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