CSC Motorcycles!

Allow us to tell you about our bikes, and we'll give you the bottom line first:  Our bikes are designed and assembled right here in the good old USA!    

We came into being when the Boss bought a 1954 Mustang to restore for his father.  That little Mustang had sat unused for years, but after cleaning out the gas tank and the carb, it fired on the first kick.   Our customers were so fascinated with the little Mustang that we decided to design and build the bike Mustang would be making today if they were still in business.   

That's what you're getting when you buy a new CSC motorcycle...a modern Mustang!   We offer four models (the Classic, the Greaser, the Military Series, and the Babydoll).   Each of our bikes is available with either a 250cc or a 150cc engine.  Our bikes don't stop there, though...we offer an extensive accessory line and we make a lot of dreams come true with our factory customs.   First, though, let's take a look at the four models and two engines we offer!

The CSC Classic

Our aptly-named Classic takes its styling cues from the original Mustang, but this is a thoroughly modern motorcycle. Available in Fire Engine Red, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Competition Yellow, or Gloss Black, the Classicís silver or blacked engine, powder-coated frame, solid steel wheels, chrome, and tasteful billet touches identify this motorcycle as a serious blend of CSC Motorcycle high performance heritage and pure two-wheeled fun.   Here's a quick peek at a box stock Fire Engine Red 250cc P-51 Classic!

The Classic is one of our best selling bikes, and it's easy to see why!  The above Classic is our base has no accessories other than the standard equipment and billet aluminum that we provide on every CSC motorcycle.  Like all of our bikes, it's available with either a 250cc or a 150cc engine.

The CSC Greaser

Our next model is the Greaser. Reaching back to the days of bare-primer hot rodding, the Greaser takes style to a new level. The Greaserís flat black body work, blacked-out engine, billet aluminum, bright red steel wheels, and gangster white walls make it stand out in any crowd. The Greaser is our bad boy - a visually-arresting motorcycle that produces grins wherever it goes.

The Greaser you see above is a 250cc motorcycle, and it, too, is completely stock.   These are great-looking bikes.  Here's picture of our 150cc Greaser up on Glendora Ridge Road, one of our favorite rides...

The Greaser above has our first-year-of-production logo on the gas tank.  The newer logo is the one you see on the bikes above.  If you talk real nice to TK or the boss, you might still be able to get a bike with the older logo.

The Military Series

Sometimes show bikes morph into production models.  That's what happened with our Military Series bikes.   The Boss built a custom military-themed model we called the Sarge, and the reaction was so over the top we no offer it as a regular production model in either Desert Camo or OD Green.    Here's the Boss's custom Sarge at the LA Roadster show...

And here's the Military Series that grew out of that custom...and she's not a professional model...she's one of our Master Technicians...Lupe may very well be the one who builds your bike!

Just one more...a recent production model Sarge.   This one has our optional .50-cal ammo can accessory saddlebags!

Like all of our bikes, the Military Series is also available with either the 250cc or 150cc engine.

The Babydoll

Styled with a softer touch, the Babydollís two tone pink-and-white bodywork adds silver pin striping to evoke the glory days of American motorcycling. This pastel princess sports a silver engine, a metalflake seat with accent piping, and wide whitewall tires for a timeless look. The Babydoll shares a low 27-inch seat height and 240-lb weight with other CSC motorcycles, but itís the style that makes this bike perfect for women riders.

So there you have it.   The above bikes are our basic models.   We don't stop there, though.   We offer an extensive line of accessories, and we do quite a few custom bikes.   You can see some of our factory customs here, and you can also check out our blog (we post cool stuff on there all the time).   And if you want to get a feel for what it's like to ride one of bikes, check out our CSC videos page.   The videos are cool, but there's nothing like actually getting your knees in the breeze.   Stop by and visit us or give us a call at the number below.   You might be surprised at how easy it is to get your very own CSC motorcycle!

CSC Motorcycles

Call us toll free at 800 884 4173 for a complete motorcycle and accessories catalog!