Factory Customs!

What exactly is a factory custom?   Is it an accessorized bike in one of our standard colors, or is it a bike with a custom paint job and other features?   That's a tough question to answer.   A few of our bikes leave the factory as standard Classics, Greasers, Babydolls, or Military Series.  Most have several accessories.  Sometimes our riders want more, and they order custom paint jobs.   Sometimes our clients will order the CSC Basic, which is a bike with primer only on the tank or fenders (those folks want to paint the bikes themselves).   About a third of our business involves highly accessorized CSC motorcycles, with everything from custom paint, more chrome, saddlebags, billet wheels, wire wheels, windshields, custom seats, LED lighting, a luggage rack, and more.    We're including a few photos on this page to give you an idea of what you might want to do.   And if you're like us, you probably just enjoy looking at pictures of cool bikes!   Check back often, as the stream of customized CSC motorcycles leaving the plant is endless, and we'll add pictures to this page as time permits.   Enjoy!

Ah, the Bobbers.   The one above is a bike we did for Twin Peaks Steve.   Wire wheels, gangster whitewalls, LED turn signals, lowered mini-seat, chopped fenders, drag bars, and blacked-out fork lowers.   Folks, it doesn't get much better than this!

Many of our riders love green bikes!   Take a look at these two beauties!

We did a short run of custom Bobbers last year, and these two in Satin Blue are awesome!

We've done a few customs for the In-N-Out Burger Foundation charity auction, and last year we did one as a Bobber.   It's awesome, and it sold for close to $8,000! 

Here's a highly-accessorized 250cc P-51, as spec'd out by our good buddy Arizona Bill...

The City of Phoenix just wasn't the same after Bill took delivery on this beauty.   Bill had us set this one up with lots of chrome, apehanger bars, wire wheels, a rack, engine guards, spotlights, and lots more.  This is one very sleek motorcycle, and those apehangers really set it apart.  Itís awesome!

Here's a very cool P-51 Mustang custom, with custom yellow paint and hand-painted Mustang logos on the fuel tank.   We prepared this beautiful California Scooter for California Ed.  Lightly accessorized with wire wheels and a chrome luggage rack, this bike is a real show stopper!

Here are a few more shots of some of the customs we've done...


We call this one the Billy Joe bike, as that's our customer who ordered it.  It's a black Classic with tons of chrome accessories, chromed billet wheels, spotlights, and more.   The black Classic is, well, a classic motorcycle.   Billy Joe did a nice job accessorizing this one. This is a standard Classic with our custom two-tone paint job.  It's available in nearly any color combination you'd like, and it really dresses up the bike.   Matt, one of our riders, is in one of our catalogs.  When he parked his bike by a warning sign, the matching bike-and sign color combination was perfect!

We built this bike for Steve at Arcadia Cushman.  Orange and white work well as a color combination, and this Classic has an added touch...we painted the frame to match!  The colors really work on this bike, as do the wire wheels and other chrome accessories. Right after we put the Arcadia Cushman bike on our CSC blog, we immediately sold another in a deep tangerine color with a matching frame.  This Classic adds spotlights and a few more chrome accessories, including our very popular wire wheels.

Ah, the Go Go Gear bike.   This motorcycle appeared on the popular TV show Shark Tank when Arlene, one of our riding buddies and president of Go Go Gear, appeared on that show.  Chrome wheels, a rack, and a corporate-themed paint job make this a stunning custom.  This bike is ridden, too!  Arlene is our highest mileage rider! Turquoise and white just seem to work well on a Classic, and we've done several customs in this combination.   This one was our first, and we called it the Beach Cruiser.   We didn't build it to a custom order; we just built it to see how the colors would work.   With the awesome colors, wire wheels, and tasteful chrome additions, It sold almost immediately.


Speaking of turquoise and white motorcycles, here's a CSC Babydoll that we did in turquoise and white instead of the pink and white we usually do on a Babydoll.   The colors look great on this bike, and it conjures up visions of many more combos with a white tank panel, white grips, wide whitewalls, and the silver seat.   It's all good.


This is the same Bobber you see above.  We've done a few Bobbers, and this one in black is drop dead gorgeous.  Wire wheels and whitewalls add to the low slung look created by the drag bars, chopped fenders, mini-seat, and LED lights.   This is Twin Peaks Steve's ride, and it's stunning! Here's another styling exercise that sold almost immediately.  Our stock Classics have silver disk wheels, and we wanted to do a bike with matching silver tank and fenders.   The Boss took it an extra step by blacking out most of the chrome bits.   The look is awesome, and it, too, sold quickly.

What do you call a guy who buys two CSC motorcycles?   Well, we call him Bruce (although he's not the only one of our customers who have bought two California Scooters).   That's Bruce on the bike above, and that particular one has had two custom paint jobs.  We originally did it in a Van Halen guitar sort of gray striped theme, but when Bruce bought it, he stripped it down and had it done in a beautiful iridescent green/brown/blue/purple pinstriped powdercoat.  It's cool.   Bruce rides a two tone Harley Softail, too, and he bought another CSC motorcycle that we painted to match.   Very cool stuff, folks!

We are big in the ag community, so how about a bike done in our favorite tractor colors?   You know what they say...nothing runs like a California Scooter!  This was another bike the Boss did just to see how it would look, and it looked great.  When we put it on the CSC blog, it sold instantly.

There's lots more coming here, folks, so check back often!


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