Thank you for your interest in the CSC Mustang. Reprising these great little motorcycles after their 45 year absence has been a fantastic project that we’ve really enjoyed. We’ve been able to build a tremendous community of owners since we started selling these in 2010, and we’d like to thank them for their wonderful support. However, we’ve realized that we have largely filled the demand in the market for the Mustang and we have now stopped production and moved on to other models.

Our decision was based on projected sales in the coming years, which we’ve gauged by growth in this segment. We typically sold Mustangs to people who remembered them from their childhood, and that segment is only decreasing, unfortunately. So, despite the fact that we love these bikes, it’s clearly time to move forward with the rest of our line and grow other CSC models. Even though we will no longer produce or sell new Mustangs, we will continue to offer parts, support, and technical expertise.

For Mustang accessories, just follow the Accessories link at the top of the page, and feel free to give us a call if you have any question. To check out our other motorcycles, take a look at our new website here: